How to Automate MySQL Database Backups to S3

If you have an important database, then you need to make sure to back it up regularly. Preferably, you will make sure this happens automatically. But performing regular backups is only half the battle — you also have to consider where to store them. Saving the backups on the same server where the MySQL Server is installed isn’t safe, because if it crashes, you will lose everything.

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How to Automate PostgreSQL Database Backups in Linux

The solutions that are mentioned in this article work for any Linux distribution: Ubuntu, Red Hat, Open SUSE, CentOS, Debian, Oracle Linux, etc. However, the package installation commands may differ slightly.

The question of regular backups eventually comes up for any database management system. PostgreSQL is no exception. As a rule, the pg_dump utility, which is part of the PostgreSQL client, is used to create a hot backup.

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